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Concept testing research

Validate concepts and maximise opportunities. Achieve market success in a complex, ever-changing world. Put your innovation process through its paces using concept testing market research.

Our approach

With competitive marketplaces, highly demanding consumers, and challenging retail conditions, it’s increasingly difficult to launch new and successful products.

Validating new concepts with consumers provides confidence that you’re only investing in and developing ideas with the greatest potential. Our product concept development and testing offer is best applied early in the innovation stage, ensuring you’re investing in winning ideas early on. To determine the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for optimising new ideas, our concept testing approach uses some traditional metrics and implicit association techniques.

We go beyond consumers’ claimed reactions to reveal their subconscious perceptions of your products. We also contextualise results, by benchmarking metrics against our extensive database of concept norms and current competitors. Don’t alienate your regular customers. Make sure your new products align with their expectations.


New product testing

Understand how automatic consumers’ associations are. Faster responses indicate a more deeply held perception, rooted in the subconscious, suggesting the concept has more potential to resonate with your target audience.


Key driver analysis (KDA)

Find out the true underlying drivers behind purchases and understand the core conversion motivators. Derived indirectly from consumer responses, we identify the key elements that appeal and drive purchases.


Classic concept testing methods

We also cover all the traditional question types expected from any product concept testing. Validating purchase intent, KPIs, product appeal and ranging, volume source, usage occasions, consumer profiling – you name it.

Research benefits

Identifying the best sales opportunities

Where do the highest potential sales opportunities lie? With robust quantitative concept testing and validation, you can make insight-led decisions to maximise ROI for your new product ideas.

Meeting customer needs

Evaluate your product against customer needs, through standard measures and customised designs, to ensure it achieves sufficient scale and delivers repeat purchases.

Prioritising business opportunities

Get the insights and recommendations you need from concept development and testing. Not every great idea turns out to be a great business opportunity – we’ll help you optimise the leading ones.

Testing in situ

Test your products in the right environment, via a range of methods, but always applying rigorous statistical analysis.

Understanding emotion in decision-making

What are the key emotional hooks that will resonate in marketing communications and packaging? We measure the underlying appeal through our implicit association techniques to uncover consumers’ subconscious reactions to your concepts.

Research methods

Ideation & concept development

Ideation & concept development

Product testing

Product testing

Product & service development

Product & service development

Pricing strategy

Pricing strategy

Range optimisation

Range optimisation

Case studies

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