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Travel & hospitality market research

If you’re in the travel and hospitality sector, it’s paramount to conduct travel market research and hospitality research that’s grounded in a strong understanding of your objectives. We’ll provide a laser focus on the correct audiences to achieve this. In this dynamic and ever-evolving industry, take your customers on a journey they’ll remember…

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Understanding the audiences that need to be evaluated is vital when devising a travel industry research or hospitality research brief.

We’re fascinated by truly understanding why travel and hospitality companies often fail to receive the full benefit from the positive emotional impact of the end experience they provide. Why do people love holidays and meals out… but not necessarily the businesses that provide them?

Drawing on robust knowledge and experience in the sector, we’ve supported package holiday companies, airlines, hotel chains, restaurants and more. We have comprehensive experience in business and consumer travel and hospitality markets and access to representative user samples, travellers, guests and stakeholders. Whether you start with brand awareness tracking, proposition development and pricing, or customer experience, we unearth the secrets to what’s driving choice in this highly competitive marketplace.

The end result? Actionable insight generation.

How we help

Brand awareness

Huge competition and constant changes, combined with significant external influences and disruptors entering the market. To maintain and grow your marketing share, we help you understand this wide context and how it impacts your brand.

Customer experience

It really is all about the customer journey. To help you embed a customer centric culture based around insight, we regularly build and manage customer experience (CX) projects. Programmes are built around our core CX principles. This means we use the most appropriate methodology, to ask the most appropriate questions, of the most appropriate audience.

Customer segmentation

Who are your customers? What are the external influences, trends and attitudinal developments? And how will they impact future travel or leisure decisions? Customers, users, passengers and guests are not a homogenous group. We work with you to segment your core audiences and better inform product, service design and marketing.

Proposition development and pricing

Competitive and fast moving… it’s hard to keep up with the direction of travel in this industry. Recent years have increased the pressure to evolve and develop propositions that meet the changing customer needs and priorities safely. Our range of development tools investigate how to optimise your product offer and structure, and the pricing strategies that will maximise revenue.


Understanding the views of hard to reach, vulnerable and minority groups through travel market research and hospitality market research is vital. From conducting qualitative research through to targeted ad-hoc and “always on” research programmes, we’re passionate about ensuring the travel industry is inclusive and meets needs of minority groups.

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"What I like about Savanta is how they make complicated stuff simple. The clarity and practicality they applied to breaking large data sets down to manageable and presentable steering indicators has helped us tremendously in creating a global ROI out of the research.”


“The Global Mobility Survey report is a welcome addition to our understanding of this subject, not least because it is based on a large sample and with impressive sectoral and geographic coverage.”

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