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Audience access

Any market audience. Anywhere. There’s no need to clock up the Airmiles to access a truly global audience. We can provide insights from every continent, without the jetlag!

Sample over 100m consumers and business decision-makers in over 95 countries with our solutions. We make accessing your target market easy.

Our approach

Accurate data collection and analysis from different audience segments can be fraught with issues.

How can you avoid biases? How will you recruit respondents? How will you maintain quality?

You can rest assured we’ve thought of all these issues. Excellence is at the heart of our approach. We’ve developed specialist panels, including a parliamentary panel and a youth community. Unique truths are at our fingertips.


Proprietary panels

Gain direct access to your target market with our proprietary consumer and business research panels. Rigorous checks, at both the survey and sign-up level, ensure your company decisions are based on the highest-quality audience data collection.


Ad hoc samples

Access audience market research directly and efficiently. Deliver surveys to your existing customer databases. Reach niche markets through our exclusive publisher and database partnerships.

Research benefits

Ensure representation

No-one is left out, with a choice of online, face-to-face, postal and telephone methodologies. We offer multiple points of access for respondents to engage with your survey to enable representation.

Engaged respondents

Our proprietary panels and communities allow us to build long term relationships with respondents, delivering high quality data.

Data that transcends borders

Unparalleled reach and combined audience access methodologies mean no audience is too difficult to find. Geographic, demographic and economic factors are no longer barriers to access.

Research methods

Telephone data collection (CATI)

Face to face data collection (CAPI & PAPI)

Online data collection (CAWI)

Client sample surveys

Data processing

Data analysis & visualisation

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