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Energy & utilities market research

Energy and utilities play a fundamental role in modern life. But they’re not something we think about that much – unless, of course, something goes wrong, or prices rise!

Companies in these sectors need to engage meaningfully with customers using powerful energy market research and utilities market research to understand their current and future needs.

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Whether it’s gas, electricity, water or sustainable energy, the industry is in a constant flux, with changing demands from customers, stakeholders and regulators.

It’s complex. We understand. We want to help you become a force for change, as the UK decarbonises towards net zero and seeks a more democratised and digitised energy market. Our diverse experience enables us to support you in achieving your strategic objectives; from business plan submissions in price reviews (such as PR24 or RIIO-3), to improving services and customer satisfaction.

Are you listening to your customers? We work with you to ensure the voice of your customer is at the heart of your decision-making. This is inclusive research that gathers informed feedback and elicits meaningful insight. Well-versed in transforming complex concepts and propositions into customer-friendly energy and utilities market research, we bring a methodology-agnostic approach, using the right tools to meet objectives.

How we help

Business planning research for price reviews

Looking for a business plan that’s built on a foundation of customer insight? We’re experts in designing and conducting research and engagement strategies that provide an inclusive and well-organised evidence base to support your business plan. Our experience in PR19 and RIIO-2, both with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Gas Distribution Network’s (GDNs), make us the ideal partner to support in PR24 and beyond.

Understanding attitudes and behaviours

Put your finger on the pulse. Become a truly customer-centric organisation with a full understanding of current attitudes and behaviours. Low-carbon technologies? Energy-as-a-service? We regularly conduct state of the nation studies so you can understand your customers’ views towards them.

Proposition development and testing

Translate engineer ideas into customer-friendly language to gather meaningful, informed feedback. Use these insights to design, develop, test and iterate future-facing propositions.

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"The emphasis on actionable insight has really helped us to focus in on those areas where we can make a tangible difference to our customer journey.”

Barratt Developments

"It was a pleasure working with the team at Savanta. They understood our needs and helped us shape the project to deliver a very clear and actionable set of results that has informed the development of our Skills and Training Fund offering”


"The Savanta team were a pleasure to work with on this project: creative, collaborative and enthusiastic. The deliverables were excellent – both in their ease of understanding but also the quality of analysis and presentation and therefore the usability by the business. The findings continue to be used which is the ultimate testament – it’s not ‘one and done and left on the shelf’ this remains current and live and is being used."

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