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Savanta Essentials

Fuss-free, fast, & flexible

Win the pitch. Deliver successful campaigns. Prove your genius. Our suite of Essentials products provides you with all the research and insight tools you’ll need. Not included: the cabinet in which to store your awards.

Our Essentials range

Brand Tracker

Smart tracking made simple across all the major marketing metrics you need.

BrandVue Essentials

A fast and simple market intelligence programme allowing access to up to six months of consumer trend data, across key industry sectors.

Campaign Evaluation

Demonstrating the ROI of your campaign, with measurements including purchase intent, uplifts in awareness, perceptions and behaviours.

Concept Test

Outsmart your competition. Evaluate your ideas. Identify winning concepts.

Creative Test

Fast testing on your target market enables you to prove your creative works before you launch.

Employee Experience

Ensure you retain top talent and build effective strategies that drive employee engagement.

Pitch Winner

Same-day validation from consumers enables confidence and credibility for your pitch.

Stakeholder Perceptions

Measure stakeholder perception and sentiment to maximises your stakeholder relationships.

Consumer Duty

Designed for financial services firms, this solution will optimise your communication strategies and ensure compliance with new FCA requirements.

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