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Property & Construction market research

Property and construction has a profound impact on society, landscapes, communities and people. The cornerstone of any nation. The bellwether for economic health. The battleground for conflicting opinions.

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The property and construction landscape is changing. The increase in working from home has transformed the way developers and sellers evaluate homes.

This bubble of market growth has led to unprecedented government support for first time buyers, and an explosion in property as an investment vehicle. The issues of leaseholds and cladding will have major implications. While organisations operating in commercial property and construction face increasing pressure; rising costs, supply chain difficulties and policy changes.

It's a massive challenge to maintain brand standing and performance. We put consumers and industry experts at the heart of decision making. How else can consumer expectations and experience dovetail with sector context?

Government construction policy, product development, and customer journey optimisation are just three of the areas we focus on. Employing a full range of methodologies in our property market research and construction market research, we provide the optimal data for your business needs. Our approach has led to longstanding, trusted relationships with leading industry players.

How we help

Brand enhancement

Wherever your brand is now, it's important to track changes over time. Do external perceptions of your brand align with internal expectations? Where do you sit amongst your competitors? Brand enhancement provides evidence of success, while allowing you to react to challenges.

Customer journey optimisation

Map-out the process of purchasing property from the buyer’s point of view. Address pain points, while dialling up the elements that delight. These are the building blocks to minimising dropouts and improving conversion.

Future proofing

This in an evolving landscape. Concentrated property and construction research can help you stay ahead of market trends, government policy, sustainability issues and ensuring new requirements.

Product road mapping

What is the “must-do” initial step? What is surplus to requirements? Where is your biggest opportunity to surprise and delight? We translate a deep understanding of the sector into an actionable plan for any product or workstream.

Case Studies

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"The emphasis on actionable insight has really helped us to focus in on those areas where we can make a tangible difference to our customer journey.”

Barratt Developments

"It was a pleasure working with the team at Savanta. They understood our needs and helped us shape the project to deliver a very clear and actionable set of results that has informed the development of our Skills and Training Fund offering.”


"The Savanta team were a pleasure to work with on this project: creative, collaborative and enthusiastic. The deliverables were excellent – both in their ease of understanding but also the quality of analysis and presentation and therefore the usability by the business. The findings continue to be used which is the ultimate testament – it’s not ‘one and done and left on the shelf’ this remains current and live and is being used."

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