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Millionaires are hard to reach credibly. The costs to access are high, while the data is often needed quickly. Regular insights can be tough to generate. MillionaireVue helps luxury brands and wealth managers overcome the common issues they face when researching their target customers.

Our approach

MillionaireVue is a unique omnibus providing access to this elusive audience. You can buy questions to gain insight on market intelligence, audience understanding, brand performance, marketing performance, and – the all-important – customer acquisition and retention.

MillionaireVue covers nine key wealth markets. Each quarter, we survey 500+ verified millionaires across the USA, China, and the UK, as well as an additional 350 millionaires across major European markets including France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. All participants have over $1m or £1m plus investable assets, and the sample is stratified to reflect the wealth distribution in each market.

Millionaire insights are no longer a million miles away!

MillionaireVue benefits

Access a hard-to-reach audience

Using intelligent question consultancy from our experts, you can access reliable data from 850+ validated millionaires globally.

Cost effective

You only pay for the questions you ask, and data is delivered in a timely manner to a quarterly schedule, giving you the ability to run regular tracking programmes.

Expert analysis

Access to our wealth team means you can tap into their expertise and insights to help you understand what your data means and the actions you need to take.

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MillionaireVue: an omnibus of high-net-worth individuals Access and understand the world’s wealthiest individuals across the world’s main wealth markets – UK, Europe, United States and China.

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500 - representative HNWIs per market (UK/USA/China)

350 - representative HNWIs per market (France/Germany/Italy/Netherlands/Spain/Switzerland)

£1m/$1m+ investable assets

Sample stratified to reflect wealth distribution in each market


Question creation

Our team of leading wealth researchers supports question creation, with each question individually priced and discounts available for multiple questions. Submit questions (late January, April, July and October) and receive results quarterly (early March, June, September and December).


Comprehensive reporting

You’ll be given access to Excel tables containing data, cut by key high net worth individual (HNWI) demographics. PowerPoint charts will show answers charted at an overall level, and an executive summary will direct you to the key findings.

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