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Savanta Business Essentials

Fuss-free, fast, & flexible

Business Essentials, provides a modular suite of research products offering a low cost, high value alternative to traditional research and insights.

These new products will complement the traditional full-service research and insights approach; providing off the shelf solutions to companies new to research and insights, or where budget may be limited.

Our Business Essentials range

Brand Tracking

Enabling businesses to understand and optimise their brand’s position.

Customer Satisfaction & loyalty

Determine how well your company’s products and services meet the needs of your market.

Product Concept Testing

Understand how your core target audience will react to your new product concept and how you can optimise it to deliver in-market success.

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Business Essentialsfuss-free, fast & flexible

A high-quality, streamlined, data-led solution engineered for you…

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