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Data processing

Fast-paced, high-quality data collection and processing services. Sometimes it’s the speed that matters. Especially when it comes to making informed decisions and staying one step ahead.

Whether you need data from 18- to 24-year-old students in the UK, or from car owners across the US  or Europe, we use the latest data collection and processing tools. Super-fast, high quality, accurate and reliable data is a given.

Our approach

Data needs can vary wildly. We know this. You might need to draw parameters along different geographies, socio-economic groups, or modes. That’s why we have a range of techniques to capture it.

Our team use proprietary data collection and analysis tools, as well as traditional methods to process data so that you get the most robust and actionable data. With bespoke solutions that offer raw data outputs in different formats, we can build dashboards to your requirements, with data tables, statistics and custom outputs in our toolbox.


Data solutions

Streamline the cost and efficiency of your advanced projects with our unique combination of in-house data visualisation expertise and smart data analytics tools.


Online cross tabulation

Get multiple views with our powerful online cross tabulation solution. Custom cross breaks, filters and data views give multiple angles on the same data, whilst built-in significance and correlation tests provide powerful analysis on the fly. All online cross tabulation views can be exported to excel or saved for later use.



Act faster. Respond quickly. Track key metrics in real-time. Our bespoke dashboard solutions allow you to view data your way, with infographic-style KPI delivery to detailed trend reports incorporating existing data. All of this sits within a white-labelled design to power precision decision making – from field to presentation.

Research benefits

Expert advice

Real data expertise. Tap into our experts to find out how to get the most from your data.

Reporting control

Stay in control of your reporting needs with a solution designed for simple, intuitive use. Integrated proprietary solutions deliver real time reporting and data access.

Bespoke solutions

Get exactly the data you need with custom data processing solutions for those situations where a specific need requires bespoke output.

Research methods

Online data collection (CAWI)

Face to face data collection (CAPI & PAPI)

Telephone data collection (CATI)

Audience Access

Client sample surveys

Data analysis & visualisation

Get in touch

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