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Retail market research

Dynamic, fast-paced and competitive, the retail environment is constantly shifting. High inflation, coupled with the cost-of-living crisis means retail brands are even more susceptible.

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Retail brands need to cut through the clutter of research data to uncover those golden nuggets that will improve performance, build sustainable growth and drive businesses forward.

With experience spanning all retail sectors, we have a deep understanding of what drives customer behaviour. Working with leading fashion retailers to leading CPG brands, we provide customer-focused, impactful recommendations.

The store environment. Research and buying online. The omnichannel journey. Whatever the focus, you’ll have direct access to granular data. Data to ensure you stay relevant. It's time to put the customer at the centre of your design process and use retail marketing research to make strategic and tactical decision with confidence. Let’s talk shop!

How we help

Brand positioning and messaging

Rose tinted spectacles won’t help when it comes to developing a brand strategy that’s spot on. Let's clearly identify your brand’s strengths relative to competitors through the eyes of your core audiences. Prioritise areas of strength that are central to your brand’s value proposition with our market research for retail business.

Conversion at the point of sale

To optimise your omnichannel, it’s key to evaluate every customer touchpoint – in-store and online. How are decisions made across the customer journey? What will increase customer satisfaction? Or boost conversion rates? Our behavioural team use ethnographic and implicit approaches to inform your strategies.

Identify your customer’s pain points

Want to know the 100+ pain points customers experience when shopping in store or online? We’ll reveal these irritations and help you understand how they impact your customer experience. Enabling you to prioritise where to focus to improve customer satisfaction.

Targeting and cut-through

How do you know how effective your marketing strategy is? One-off or ongoing, our brand measurement studies provide robust insights to help you determine advertising and message cut-through in a competitive context.

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We've canvassed more than 200,000 UK adults, asking them about over 2,500 brands. We've used the results to bring together comprehensive a list of the top 100 brands they love with rankings across age, gender, and region.

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BrandVue's Most Loved Retail Brands 2022
Savanta's latest BrandVue Retail report reveals the UK’s most loved retail brands of 2022 - with performance rankings from across all major categories.

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The Power of Emotion Creative TV ads
Creative execution is the biggest factor driving advertising profitability that marketers can influence. We show how optimising your creative can multiply your brand’s profits.

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