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SnapMe videos

fast, targeted & authentic

Always connected and tech savvy, our vox pop with Millennials and Gen Z gives you access to their views in just 48 hours. SnapMe Videos enables our YouthSight panel to answer questions via their smartphone cameras. Candid, wise, surprising, and fresh. It’s the gateway to raw, unfiltered opinion in a real setting that can massively the impact the value of your youth market research.

Our approach

SnapMe Videos enable you to access feedback from young consumers with pinpoint accuracy. Young people, answering your questions, in their own words. All within 48 hours. This short, snappy research puts youth consumers at the heart of everything you do. Our YouthSight panel offers authentic, in the moment youth market research tailored for the next generation.
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Vox pops with Gen Z and Millennials

Customers are at the heart of everything you do. So why not understand them better? Let them tell you exactly what you need to know, in their own words, in their own environment, in the next two days. And at a price that won’t destroy your budget.

SnapMe benefits


Access youth opinion at an affordable price – a truly cost-effective way of listening to this notoriously hard to reach audience. Looking to impress clients or the media without blowing the budget? Grab attention and stand out of the crowd with SnapMe Videos from our YouthSight panel.

Fast turnaround

Receive results within two days of your agreed Generation Z research brief via an online platform, fully transcribed.

Authentic feedback

Raw, unfiltered and honest disclosures to our independent research agency, YouthSight.


Define your audience from our highly targeted YouthSight panel with over 1,000 profiling points, and the added option of customised screening questions.

Ask your questions

Our vox pop tool, SnapMe Videos, enables 16- to 30-year olds to answer your questions on video. These insights help to illustrate your research findings, test creative concepts and bring vital colour to those all-important pitches. Tell us who you’re targeting, choose your questions then let us and our Gen Z research panellists do the rest.

Watch and discover

Perfect for hearing and seeing your current and prospective customers, with SnapMe Videos you understand the needs of the younger generation in their own words, from their own perspective. We supply 20 youth market research panellist videos to specification, in just 48 hours.

Our products

State of the Youth Nation

State of the Youth Nation is the UK's leading Gen Z insight tracker. A subscription empowers brands to make better youth market decisions.

Youth-centred omnibuses

If you've got just a few quick questions to ask, our youth omnibuses are a fast and cost-effective way to get your answers.


Want to manage your brand’s health and reputation effectively? You need tracking and monitoring to know how it's perceived.

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