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Public sector and third-sector organisations need vigorous research to inform policy decisions and communications strategies. This deepens understanding of target audiences – whether that’s the general public, policy makers or key stakeholders.

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Working across central government, public bodies, local authorities, education institutions, charities, think tanks, pressure groups, political parties and media outlets, we contribute insights on wide-ranging societal issues in the public eye.

Where should you focus? What should you prioritise? Where should you invest your efforts?

You need to know all this to meet your policy and communications objectives. Trusted to deliver public sector and third-sector research and advise on policy development, we work across a range of issues and audiences, including vulnerable and minority groups. Our approach is considered and sympathetic to the sensitivities of the challenges you face.

  • Optimising communications strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Public policy development and evaluation
  • Politics and polling
  • Enhance your brand

Spend less time looking at data, and more time communicating your message. With evidence-backed statistics to support decision making, we deliver public sector and third-sector research to inform client communications.

Rapid polling to gain media coverage. Message and creative testing. Campaign evaluation. We help you create impactful communications strategies.

Effective stakeholder relationships are vital to success. We help ensure your strategic priorities are aligned with those of your stakeholders. Understand how you are perceived and pinpoint how you can strengthen those relationships. Access outputs designed to directly inform your communications, policy priorities and broader positioning.

Our team provides evidence to government departments, public sector organisations, charities and think tanks to inform public policy. We can help you define public needs, develop and evaluate the policy interventions that will address those needs.

The last decade has been turbulent for UK politics: multiple general elections, two hung parliaments, the EU referendum, and countless regional elections. Devolution and the decentralisation of power has moved into the hands of voters. Within this evolving political context, our political research specialists and panel reach means we can help you understand public opinion. And not just around election time – but on a daily basis.

Having a strong brand is critical for supporter acquisition and retention. We help quantify every aspect of your brand’s health – from awareness and consideration to performance and uniqueness in the market.

It’s time to reveal how your brand is really perceived compared to the competition, improve your positioning and react quickly to change. We set brand health KPIs to monitor brand performance regularly, flagging areas for improvement as they arise.

Audience expertise


High quality data is at the heart of great decision making. We ensure you’re researching the consumer market in a way that’s on-brand and engaging.


Engage with decision makers. Key to the success of business to business (B2B) engagement is high quality target audience research.


Considering their spend and potential, the High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) audience is vital to understand for luxury, high-end brands. Access precious insights into this small but diverse group.


From Westminster to Brussels understanding the ever-evolving political landscape is key to your reputation, policy positioning and engagement activities.


From applicants to students and graduates and an unsurpassed youth and student research panel, we provide target audience research for further and higher education specialist audiences.


It’s easy to homogenise the youth of today. Diverse, culturally aware and tech savvy, we help you expose the diverse interests and opinions of the younger generation.

Case studies

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