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Eating & drinking market research

Restaurant owners have faced a tricky ride in the last few years and one thing remains clear – eating out is as popular as ever. But new diets and category entry points change quickly. Only the fittest survive. Restaurants can quickly go from fully booked to floundering flop. Restaurant market research will help you satisfy consumer appetites.

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From pubs to coffee shops, fast food to delivery aggregators, brands must stay top of mind to keep customers ordering.

We know what makes a successful operator. And we can spot a struggling brand a mile off. Don’t let that be you. Keep your finger on the pulse of new eating out trends and innovations — across the market and among different audiences.

This is about creating great dining experiences and ensuring your customers are front and centre when it comes to how you define your brand. Hospitality research allows you to make strategic and tactical decisions with confidence.

Our always-on data ensures no plan or decision exists in isolation – all actions and outcomes are clearly placed in relation to the rest of the market landscape.

How we help

Improve targeting and cut through

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies through one-off or ongoing brand measurement. Determine the cut through of advertising and messaging in a competitive context and set strategies based on robust insights.

Finding the most valuable customers

What types of people represent high value customers? And where can you find look-a-likes in the wider market? We’ll profile and size these groups to measure growth potential, cost per acquisition and barriers to visiting or ordering. These are the key ingredients for a perfect customer strategy.

Refine your brand positioning and messaging

What are the areas of strength that are central to your value proposition? We’ll identify your brand’s strengths relative to competitors through the eyes of your core consumers and customers. While editing down or editing out secondary features.

Incorporate trends and evolve brand identity

Stay ahead of key trends and thought leadership. Create a snapshot of your brand’s performance – right here, right now. We will clarify who your key competitors are, who the challengers of tomorrow are, and where your opportunities and threats for growth lie. Identify strategies to drive performance and growth over time. Test and track their success.

Case studies

Fast-food restaurantOptimising in-store execution

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Caffè NeroDelivering delight to customers

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innocent drinksProviding contextual direction

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WagamamaCustomer experience tracking

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“In my opinion, BrandVue remains the leader in brand tracking within the restaurant sector and is an instrumental source of data that helps to inform strategic direction and business targets. The ongoing development of the product and the underlying technology will be sure to maintain this position, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future."

Nandos Head of Business Insights

"Local managers are empowered to use restaurant-level feedback to guide their teams in improving the guest experience and directly drive revenue.”


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