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Business confidence in the winter quarter: A Northern Irish perspective

Sue Lewis Senior Director, Financial Services 09/06/2022

Q4 2021 business confidence in NI (43) is lower than England and Wales (50) but on par with Scotland (43).

With our fieldwork covering the winter period - petrol supply panics, Christmas shortages talk and of course the big one, Omicron and the move to Plan B and regional restrictions - it is perhaps not surprising that we see confidence falling for the end of year quarter.

We find that business confidence in Northern Ireland is lower than in GB, but the general pattern of 2021 to be the same, peak at Q2 2021 and fall off towards the end of the year. We had hopes of a rise in confidence at Q1 2022 with the success of vaccines, relaxation of restrictions and spring on the horizon, however with changing world events the future again looks unpredictable.  

Download our Northern Ireland infographic for a snap shot of findings here.

Please download a copy of the GB press release here

Please download a copy of the GB infographic here

Quarter 4 findings are from Savanta’s MarketVue Business Confidence programme (formerly the Charterhouse Business Confidence Survey), conducted among UK businesses from start-ups to companies with £1bn turnover.

For more information contact Sue Lewis, Senior Director, Financial Services at [email protected] or on 07813 717153.

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