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Concept testing

The project helped build internal buy-in, which was critical for this long-term, complex and wide-reaching initiative

Our client, an iconic toy brand, has been at the forefront of sustainability innovation for years, with sustainability and the circular economy acting as central pillars to its 10-year business strategy.

Savanta teamed up with the brand’s innovation and sustainability teams to create and test a range of concepts for the launch of its flagship sustainability initiative in Europe.

The Challenge

As part of its 10-year sustainability strategy, our client wanted to explore opportunities for and appeal of take back programs, with a view to launch a take back initiative in Europe within 2 years.

It was critical for our client to design an initiative which would be best in class and meet internal sustainability objectives as well as consumer’s needs, in a very complex legal, operational and PR landscape.

But equally as important, the program needed to foster engagement and buy-in internally from a variety of stakeholders with differing priorities and viewpoints.

Our approach

We worked closely with the client and our sustainability and behavioural change experts to first explore challenges and opportunities within the wider circular economy from technical to legal, but also behavioural point of views.

After in-depth interviews were conducted to understand internal needs, concerns and hopes, we were able to identify key success factors and risks which were then used to design a range of concepts in partnership with the sustainability, innovation, and corporate affair teams.

Once the concepts were signed off, we worked with the marketing team to create consumer facing concepts with behavioural principles at their heart, which were then tested quantitatively with consumers.

The outcome

The project helped build internal buy-in, which was critical for this long-term, complex and wide-reaching initiative.

The results of the consumer insights were used to identify the most promising concepts in different markets.

But more importantly, we were able to create a messaging playbook to engage consumers on sustainable initiatives, identifying key messages and triggers to leverage in order to generate interest and participation while elevating brand reputation – providing a strong learning base to generate and launch similar initiatives going forward.

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