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How to include wealthy audiences in your brand health studies

Whether you’re an established, luxury brand or one that wants to premiumize your proposition, it’s essential to understand your brand funnel, positioning and emotional connection with affluent and High Net Worth individuals.

Elwira Costello Senior Director 18/04/2023

Access, engagement and understanding of this valuable audiences is key to ensuring that your research is credible, relevant and actionable.

Savanta’s Wealth team has researched these niche audiences for over 20 years and developed innovative ways to find, verify and guarantee access to ‘the real deal’.

The first step to lay foundations for a successful brand research, would be defining your intended audience. Income or assets mean nothing if they’re not supported by actual consumption behaviour or motivations.

We have a deep understanding of wealthy lifestyles and their universe, which means we can advise on who to talk to, but also how to design a meaningful and credible research vehicle – asking the right questions at the right time.

If your brand is on the journey to enter a premium and prestige space, understanding these audiences could happen as an add-on to existing research programmes but with a support of the partner who knows how to access, engage and understand them.

Finally, context is everything. Being able to measure and benchmark your brand funnel against other brands in their world, is important to interpret:

  • where your brand is in terms of enticing desire
  • how you acquire new clients
  • how you retain these clients

Understanding heuristic principles and trends that shape: motivations, barriers and drivers behind brand choice, further sheds light on standard key performance indicators to provide strategic recommendations on how to tap into this audience.

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