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Consumer Duty

Don't risk falling behind on the new Consumer Duty requirements - optimise your communication strategies and ensure compliance with our new 'Savanta Essentials: Consumer Duty' research solution.

Stephen Palmer EVP, Financial Services 17/03/2023

Savanta Essentials: Consumer Duty – the new off-the-shelf solution for communications testing at scale.

Designed to ensure compliancy with the new FCA Consumer Duty regulations, our ‘plug and play’ approach will uncover stated and genuine understanding of your consumers, enabling your business to evaluate, optimise and deliver best practice.

The key benefits of this new offer is you will gain the knowledge and evidence required for Consumer Duty with a research method that delivers: quick set up times, easy to digest outputs and actionable results.

And if you’re looking for a more flexible and bespoke solution to your comms testing, we offer Consumer Duty Communications Testing Framework.

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