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Consumer Duty Communications Testing Framework

Don't risk falling behind on the new Consumer Duty requirements - download our full Consumer Duty Communications Testing Framework today to optimise your communication strategies and ensure compliance.

Stephen Palmer EVP, Financial Services 15/03/2023

Our Consumer Duty Communications Testing Framework is essential for organisations that want to meet the new Consumer Duty requirements while optimising their communication strategies.

By using a mixed methodology approach to testing, our framework evaluates not only the stated but also genuine understanding of your communications.

With our three-tiered approach, organisations can evaluate, optimise, and deliver best practices, while still having complete flexibility in the sampling of customers and prospects to align with wider business objectives.

Additionally, the framework can be adapted and tailored to specific needs, allowing organisations to test their communication strategies on a large scale while accessing vulnerable customers and understanding complicated communications in-depth.

And if you’re looking for an off-the-shelf solution for communications testing at scale, we also offer Savanta Essentials: Consumer Duty.

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