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Introducing our Energy and Utilities proposition

The energy and water we use and the utilities infrastructure that transports them are fundamental to everything we do in our modern world, from heating our homes to powering our businesses. Savanta’s ‘Powering the future through research’ document outlines how we can support organisations in these sectors.

Olly Worsfold Director 03/03/2023

The challenges facing the energy and utilities sectors are wide-ranging and substantial, with the industry having to grapple with affordability in a cost-of-living crisis, growing customer vulnerability, the impact of climate change and disruption to the supply of both energy and water.

Now more than ever, it is integral to the success of companies in these sectors to engage meaningfully with customers and stakeholders, and understand their views in order to act in their best interest.

Click below for an overview of how we can act as strategic research partners to organisations across the energy and utilities sectors.
Powering the future through research.


Savanta works with clients to ensure the voice of the customer is at the heart of their decision-making. This document shows how we can provide each of the following, providing rich examples of how these have helped our clients in these sectors:

  • Provide access to senior experts on the issues facing your industry
  • Enable meaningful engagement with customers on complex topics
  • Deliver powerful research which provides decision-makers with clear and concise evidence
  • Assure or deliver high-quality research that will be accepted and used by stakeholders and regulators

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