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British Gas

Enhancing digitalisation

The insight gathered by Savanta enabled British Gas to understand how and why customers communicate with the business and the nudges that will encourage digital interaction.

The Challenge

Digital transformation is a key objective of many businesses. Paper communication is expensive and not environmentally friendly. Call centres are also costly to maintain.

British Gas wanted to understand where customers were on the journey to digital. Crucially, they also wanted to uncover the behavioural nudges and interventions required to encourage increased digital interaction.

For targeted action, it was important to highlight differences by segment and demographic.

Our approach

Key approaches included:

  • This research aimed to develop an actionable Behaviour Change Model to provide a framework to help shape the next steps in British Gas’s digital programme.
  • Stage 1 involved extensive Qualitative work to identify the key themes – drivers and barriers to digital adoption.
  • Stage 2 was a large-scale Quantitative study with more than 5,000 customers and prospects. Fieldwork was conducted online and by telephone to ensure those without internet access were covered.
  • Output included a Behaviour Change Model: a psychological model that reveals the influences on behaviour, as well as recognising that people may be on the cusp of change – just not yet acting.

The outcome

Through the use of the Behaviour Change Model, we were able to determine why some groups chose to interact digitally and why others did not.

By understanding these drivers and barriers for different segments and sub-groups, we were able to provide British Gas with practical recommendations that would nudge individuals along the digital journey.

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