Soft drinks manufacturer:
delivering a sustainable future

Insights fed directly into corporate responsibility commitments and shaping the global business.

Customers are becoming increasingly selective when deciding which companies to buy from, particularly when considering whether these companies act in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Our client, a leading multinational soft drinks manufacturer, needed to understand the role corporate social responsibility played in a consumer’s life.

The Challenge

Our client needed to unpack and understand attitudes towards protecting the environment and what being socially responsible and ethical means for consumers. In particular they wanted to understand:

  • What constitutes socially responsible behaviour and how consumers talk about this
  • Where consumers are on their journey towards being more socially responsible
  • How behaviours impact on a brands product range, packaging etc.
  • What brands have to do to build and strengthen perceptions of CSR

Our approach

We designed a bespoke multi-method exploratory approach encompassing three stages including:

  • Desk research and trends analysis
  • Social media scraping and text analytics
  • Behaviour Change Modelling

The outcome

Our client was able to understand what the changing behaviours are across key markets, and how proposed solutions to these concerns could be developed and tested further. The scope of the project not only covered beverages but also food and more general behaviours when it came to consumer behaviour and acting responsibly towards the environment.

Insights fed directly into corporate responsibility commitments and shaping the global business with a view to deliver a better and more sustainable future.

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