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Pricing strategy research

Uncover optimal price points to maximise sales and profitability. Access extensive multi-sector market research pricing strategy experience to boost your commercial returns.

Our approach

Costs keep on rising. So, getting pricing right is increasingly important when it comes to business success. Understanding price sensitivity helps you to mark up products at a level that’s acceptable to customers.

Our approach to pricing strategy research uses a mix of techniques to suit the different stages of product development. From early-stage products to existing ones, to independent features and services. We design key metrics to demonstrate acceptable ranges and optimal prices – plus their impact on sales, profitability, and market size.

Setting the wrong price is costly. Too steep and consumers walk away. Too low and your profits can tank. Know what consumers want – and stay ahead of the competition – with robust pricing strategy research.


Gabor-Granger pricing

Receive clear demand and revenue curves; this technique asks questions about the demand of set prices directly, to find the highest price consumers are willing to pay.


Van W­­­estendorp's price sensitivity meter (PSM)

Understand where consumers see good value. The PSM covers a range of acceptable prices. It can be enhanced with the Newton, Miller, Smith (NMS) extension, which creates demand and revenue curves as additional outputs.



Model real trade-off scenarios to understand the impact of price, demand, and sizing of products in the market. This is the most complex and thorough pricing method.

Research benefits

Understanding the impact of pricing models

Examine how different pricing models can increase or decrease demand in the market for your product or service. Find the sweet spot.

Identifying sensitivity to price positioning

How much? Find out what justifies a price premium within your customer base by testing their responses to a range of price points.

Setting an insight-led pricing strategy

Establish a pricing strategy that maximises sales and profitability. Get robust demand and revenue curve data. And clear, actionable recommendations from our experts.

Research methods

Product & service development

Ideation & concept development

Concept testing

Product testing

Range optimisation

Case studies

Premier FarnellDelivery service optimisation

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Bullitt GroupOptimising product pricing

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