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Content testing research

Helping broadcasters, channels and content distributors refine their content mix, and best engage audiences to drive content value, engagement, and strategy.

Our Approach

The battle is on to deliver content that keeps viewers coming back for more. Whilst linear TV may be on the decline, broadcasters and streaming networks are going head-to-head to give consumers access to the content they want, whenever and wherever they like.

With an ever-increasing number of streaming platforms, getting content out there and recognised as the next must watch blockbuster is a real challenge. Our research helps drive the launch of new TV channels across the world.

Content measurement is no longer simply about ‘did they watch’. We capture viewer engagement by understanding the emotional connection of channel content; providing broadcasters and content producers with the insight to refine content mix and best engage audiences.

Research Benefits

Our approach enables us to isolate the individual impact of different content to:

Understand programme value

Determine the value of specific programmes to aid in carriage negotiations, sponsorship, and ad sale opportunities.

Drive brand value

Identify content that both enhances a channel brand, but also ensures that the channel fulfils the audience need states and connects with viewers.

Maximising audience interest and reach

Ensure that content delivers the optimal mix of talkability, channel affinity and stand out and is distributed across the right platforms to drive unique reach and engagement.


Establishing context

Explore viewing behaviour, need states and reach



Measure satisfaction, advocacy and key brand metrics of overall channel or platform


Content touch points

identify which content audiences have viewed to isolate unique reach


Content diagnostics

gage what audiences thought of the content

Research Methods

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"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team at Savanta. They combine professionalism and proactivity with an ongoing desire to learn about and add value to Sainsbury's via a wide range of research projects and programmes"

Sainsburys Head of Insight

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the team at Savanta. They combine professionalism and proactivity with an ongoing desire to learn about and add value to Sainsbury's via a wide range of research projects and programmes"

Sainsburys Head of Insight
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The future of Gen Z: beyond our boundaries
Our final instalment in our eBook series, The future of Gen Z, is here at last - and it's an out of this world finale at that. Get ready to unpack the possibilities of interstellar tourism, technology in the medical field, and Generation Z's rejection of outdated societal norms.
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The UK’s Most Loved Charity Brands 2024
2024's most cherished charity is not just touching lives, but seeking cures. Consumers resonate with this charity's commitment to 'cellular' breakthroughs, and culture of care that envelopes both patients & patrons. How can other charities nurture a similar bond with their communities?
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The UK’s Most Loved Retail Brands 2024
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Youth Changemakers: new wave activism
Our latest eBook, 'Youth Changemakers: New Wave Activism' has arrived - and it's a definitive guide to understanding Generation Z's unique approach to making a difference, exploring new forms of activism, and hearing real-world success stories.
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Business Confidence Northern Ireland Q1 2024
Savanta's MarketVue Business Confidence Index for NI increased this quarter, from 34 in Q4 2023 to 37 in Q1 2024.
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Savanta Gender Pay Gap Report 2023
Savanta’s latest Gender Pay Gap report shows meaningful progress since last year – with higher female representation in our top quartile earners and an overall reduction in our Gender Pay Gap of 6 percentage points.

However, despite this progress, there remains an imbalance at the top of our organisation that is driving a gender pay gap. This report outlines the actions we are taking to address that gap, from supporting senior female career pathways to creating a flexible workplace.
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UK Grocery Eye Q1 2024 report
Available to read and download - the 2024 Q1 Grocery Eye report. Discover the role of healthy eating in a cost of living crisis context and how it shapes food and drinks purchase decisions. Explore health cues and who they matter to. Download the full report here, today.
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Consumer confidence across Europe – are we turning the corner?
Our latest consumer compass report tracks confidence across markets on a quarterly basis throughout the year, with the latest wave offering insight into the first three months of 2024. We have uncovered three key themes emerging from the Q1 data which will help brands plan for the needs of consumers throughout 2024 and beyond
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Why should a brand care about dupes?
Knowing how to navigate dupe culture is becoming more crucial than ever. Dupes aren’t going anywhere. Whether it’s fashion house repurposing each others styles, or 2000’s fashion magazines showing you how you can get Kate Moss’s Glastonbury look for less, dupes have always had a place.
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The future of Gen Z: world in a click
Our third instalment in our eBook series is here - and it's going to elevate your perspective on AI to new heights.
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