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Creative development & testing research

Optimise your creative to multiply your profits. Creative development and creative testing market research will help you get the most out of your advertising spend.

Our approach

What is the biggest factor behind advertising profitability that you can influence as a marketeer? Creative execution.

That’s why creative testing is a great way to ensure communications are optimised; ready to effectively influence short-term sales and longer-term brand equity. Using a range of tools and behavioural techniques, we pinpoint how strongly your creative communicates at an emotional level and a rational level. We test all forms of creative – digital ads, TV, billboards, print, and more – at any stage of development. We identify the creative elements that do more – or less – to positively influence your brand, ensuring your creative lands the desired messaging and positions your brand successfully.

Command attention. Engage with target audiences. Forge associations. And drive behaviour and awareness. All with the ultimate aim of positively influencing consideration and purchase decisions.


Understanding objectives

We’ll create a bespoke research programme that addresses your specific objectives. We’ll also ensure we understand the target audience’s objectives – what do they need and want? What will the context be when they see your creative?


Testing the creative

Get the consumer feedback required to find out how target audiences will react and respond – point by point or scene by scene. We’ll evaluate how well your creative will persuade customers and influence your desired brand sentiment.


Evaluating the results

What can you do to influence short-term sales or long-term brand equity? Discover how your creative performs against objectives and how to optimise it for a stronger impact.

Research benefits

Delivering cut-through

See where your communications need improvement. Cut through the noise and support your brand more effectively, via thorough creative testing with your target audience.

Positioning your brand

Ensure your creative conveys desired messages and successfully positions your brand to target audiences – at an emotional and rational level.

Driving purchase consideration

Understand how perceptions differ across groups. Identify the best ways to engage your audiences to improve brand image and purchase behaviours.

Research methods

Sponsorship evaluation

Sponsorship evaluation

Content testing

Content testing

Digital Ad Performance (DAP)

Digital Ad Performance (DAP)

Media strategy

Media strategy

Campaign evaluation

Campaign evaluation

Communication effectiveness

Communication effectiveness

Case studies

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AOLCompelling visual content

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“The biometric research allowed us to go beyond scene-by-scene engagement to truly uncover key differences in relevancy and effectiveness of the two films to measure emotional connection and deeper engagement. We were delighted to be a partner in this UK “first” in advertising research.”

Volvo Head of Marketing

"As a not-for-profit organisation, every pound counts, so it’s absolutely vital we get the most out of our ads to maximise their impact, with the media budget available. We already had a strong ad but what I found really useful about the approach was knowing which elements were working harder for us and why, and which parts less so – all of which helped inform what changes were required to really cut-through. This gave me confidence to air the ad going forwards but also informed our cut downs. As a result we achieved impressive business outcomes with strong Golden Quarter results"

Nuffield Health Head of Brand and Planning

"I have worked with Savanta on a variety of clients and projects, from brand tracking to ad testing. Savanta consistently provide actionable insights that allow us to meaningfully improve the output of our communications, whether that's by making small changes to a specific ad, or highlighting key areas of opportunity for brands to unlock their true potential (for example, which key image statements to focus on). Unlike many other research agencies, they don't settle at diagnostics, instead going deeper to truly analyse the causes behind scores.”

VCCP Lucy Allen, Senior Planner
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