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Savanta's Business Tracker

Our monthly (UK) and quarterly trackers (Europe) monitor the recovery, resilience and adaption of businesses. Whether you want to understand the latest pressures and challenges impacting businesses on a regular basis or just ask a couple of questions to support your decision-making, our monthly tracker provides a timely and cost-effective approach!

Our approach

Covid-19, Brexit, rising energy prices and the UK's soaring inflation rates present major challenges for all businesses.

Running throughout the calendar year, our monthly tracker continuously monitors all these key business pressures across a range of current and future brand health tracking measures, as well as exploring the wider challenges which are impacting businesses in Europe.

Our topical ‘dip’ section, which is updated on a regular basis, focuses on the latest hot topics and events which are impacting businesses – ensuring that you get the most up-to-date insights on the topics you might not even have thought to ask!


UK Business Tracker

A streamlined monthly tracker to monitor the recovery, resilience and adaptation of businesses in the United Kingdom.

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Business Tracker Germany

Willkommen! Due to popular demand, the tracker has now launched in Germany. A streamlined quarterly tracker monitoring the recovery, resilience and adaptation of German businesses.

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Business Tracker France

Bienvenue! Due to popular demand, the tracker has now launched in France. A streamlined quarterly tracker monitoring the recovery, resilience and adaptation of French businesses.

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10 core firmographics, which, as well as enabling you to explore the data by these firmographics allows you to target specific audiences within our generalist business audiences.


Current and future business health tracking measures

10 measures monitoring attitudes and behaviours across four key market pressures: Covid-19, Brexit, rising energy prices and inflation.


Our topical ‘dip’ section

10 question section focused on exploring the ‘hot topic’ trends and events impacting businesses, giving you the most up-to date and pertinent insights on these topical ‘dip’ areas.


As well as adding your own questions

‘Buy in’ and design your own bespoke questions from scratch – which only you will get the answers to.

A range of solutions:

Our tracker has a guaranteed sample size of 750 small business owners and directors (up to 249 employees) and 250 decision-makers at mid to large companies (250 or more employees). You can opt to purchase individual audiences or both, with a built-in discount for those who purchase both audiences.

There are two different solutions which you can choose from, dependent on your research needs and budget:

  1. Premium solution: For anyone who wants all our tracker’s insights and our full package of deliverables - enabling you to maximise the opportunities from the data!
  2. Base solution: For anyone looking to just get answers to their own questions, via a timely and cost-effective research vehicle!

Research benefits

Our dedicated team of B2B experts will work with you to ensure whatever solution you opt for your research objectives are met!

Stay informed:

Monitor changing shifts in sentiment and behaviours amongst businesses.

Speak to your target audience:

Our tracker enables you to connect to the right people and get the answers you need from these audiences.

Make better business decisions:

Our data will enable you to understand the impact with true insights and mitigate the impact of any future business pressures.

Ask the right questions:

Getting answers to the topics and questions you might not even think to ask. Our tracker was created and is maintained by B2B research experts, and we continuously update it to ensure it’s reflective of wider events and that the measures are pertinent and actionable.

Choose the right solution for your business:

Our tracker provides a range of solutions to account for all research needs and budgets.

Explore our audience access

Omnibus & Trackers

Omnibus & Trackers



Business & Professional Services

Business & Professional Services

B2B audience expertise

B2B audience expertise

Case studies

PumaCelebrity brand ambassadors

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University of ManchesterInforming open day strategy

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Eco Index 2021: Will the Covid-19 recovery be green?
Following on from last year’s inaugural survey, Savanta’s latest Eco Index report reveals where people stand on key environmental issues and what action they want to see.

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Black Lives Matter Everywhere UK 2021
The truth about what consumers and employees from ethnic minorities expect from the brands they support and the institutions that they work for.

Download the report below.

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Knowledge centre

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The future of Gen Z: beyond our boundaries

24/06/2024 - by Josephine Hansom

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