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Sustainable future: are businesses taking action now?

Savanta has used one of its surveys to better understand if businesses have taken more sustainable action since 2020. Is sustainability still on the agenda, and what steps have businesses taken to move forward with it? Find out in our report below.

Helen Davey Director 07/12/2023
Are businesses still working towards a sustainable future?

At the end of 2020 (still in the throes of the Covid pandemic), Savanta asked businesses in Great Britain whether they had taken out any specific actions to make them more sustainable and how much influence this had had on their decision-making policies.

A key finding was that businesses were happy to support more passive approaches to sustainability, such as choosing sustainable suppliers, but made less proactive choices for initiatives, such as investment in new technologies or carbon/energy audits.

Three years later, Savanta wants to know if things have changed and if there is a greater focus on these initiatives and a greater influence on decision-making.

Find out the results in the report.

Download the report here.


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