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Insights Association: tech and tactics

Dr. Nick Baker, Chief Research Officer, and Nikki Lavoie, EVP of Innovation & Strategy at Savanta, share their expert opinions with the Insights Association on the cutting-edge technology and strategies that demand our attention.

The Technology and Tactics the Insights Industry should be feasting on:

As we approach the end of 2023, it is natural to take a moment to reflect on the year that is coming to a close and express gratitude for experiences and opportunities. Given this, Insights Association have collected the thoughts of a wonderful selection of insight experts that include Savanta’s Dr Nick Baker and Nikki Lavoie.

“A spectre is haunting the insights industry – the spectre of AI. It’s something to be embraced, not feared. But something to be employed with care, not abandon. The integration and embedding of AI solutions for efficiency, effectiveness, and / or impact are critical to the retained relevance of businesses in our industry and the key to unlocking our ability to continue and grow our role in talking to power, corporate, government or otherwise. Evolve, or die.”

Dr Nick Baker, Chief Research Officer, Savanta, UK

“Just as a Thanksgiving feast requires careful preparation, insight professionals must meticulously consider the ingredients of AI, blending knowledge and ethics to create a recipe for success in our industry. To savor the true potential of AI, we must ensure the right balance of data, transparency, and responsibility, letting us relish in the transformative power of technology while maintaining control over its impact.”

Nikki Lavoie, EVP, Innovation & Strategy, Savanta Invest, France

To read the full article posted on the 20th of November, click here.

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