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Sustainable future: are businesses taking action now?
Savanta has used one of its surveys to better understand if businesses have taken more sustainable action since 2020. Is sustainability still on the agenda, and what steps have businesses taken to move forward with it? Find out in our report below.
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From Digital Natives to AI Pioneers
How will the AI revolution shape the future of Gen Z and impact their careers, personal lives, and the way they interact with brands? Download our eBook to find out!
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The UK's Most Loved Financial Services Brands 2023
This year's #1 brand finds its way into consumers' daily lives, in a seamless - and often unnoticeable - way. The subconscious top-of-mind presence that results from this undeniably contributes to its continued success. But is this a consequence of the ubiquitous nature of payment platforms or is there a deeper, more intrinsic factor at play?
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Business Confidence Index Q3 2023
The Savanta Business Confidence Index saw a decline this quarter, from 39 in Q2 2023 to 37 in Q3 2023. For detailed insights, download the infographic below.
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Consumer Compass Q3 2023
We've been tracking the mood of the nation since 2019 to uncover the spending habits, attitudes and behaviours of consumers across Europe.
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Grocery Eye Q3: from price-focused to sustainability-driven
Available to read and download - the 2023 Q3 Grocery Eye report. Discover how grocery shoppers are reprioritising their shopping habits and shifting their focus from prices to sustainability. Is this a universal trend or do individual preferences play a role? Download the full report here, today.
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Reflecting on our work to date: supporting clients through Consumer Duty and beyond
As we near the significant two-month mark following the implementation of the updated Consumer Duty regulations, it is crucial that we take a moment to assess our achievements thus far and outline the path forward. Ou commitment to providing assistance and empowerment to our esteemed clients remains unwavering as we stride confidently into the future.
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The UK's Most Loved Eating Out Brands 2023
Welcome to BrandVue’s Most Loved Eating Out Brands 2023 – a recognition and celebration of the most emotively connected eating out brands in the UK.
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How can telecom providers inspire brand loyalty in future generations?
Discover how researching the preferences of upcoming generations, like Gen Alpha, can help position your brand to appeal to these demographics.
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Global Gaming Report 2023
Our latest study is informed by the opinions of 12,000+ adults across seven core markets: Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA.

Discover the trends and opportunities in the gaming industry today, with our brand-new Gaming Report.
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