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Understand and measure your brand’s awareness

By tracking key brand awareness KPIs and metrics, BrandVue gives brands the tools and services they need to better understand and measure how they are viewed within the market and particularly among their consumers. These insights enable brands to create better customer experiences which help to gain an edge on the competition.

Based on the insights of tens-of-thousands of consumers in your target market, BrandVue provides a highly robust, user friendly window to the thoughts and behaviours of the audience that matters most to your brand, tracking audience perception, campaign effectiveness and engagement.

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Track and measure awareness

BrandVue can provide you with the software and services to track your brand’s awareness, helping you to gain an understanding of where you sit in the market. It can also help you measure the perception and performance your brand against key competitors, enabling you to identify strategies that gain an edge on the competition.


Inform your brand’s strategy

Insight plays a key part in the strategic approach and should be utilised throughout the marketing process. With instant access to brand awareness data and reporting, along with various other key metrics, BrandVue gives you the research and insight you need to help shape your brand’s strategy within your marketing campaigns.


Cutting edge tools and research software

Our latest brand awareness software and research tools give brands a cutting edge against their competitors, with up to the minute data and surveys at your fingertips. Our intelligent tools and software analyse thousands of consumer responses get to the very heart of customer perception and opinion, helping you identify who your audience is and what they want from you as a brand.


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