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Brand performance research

We don’t just track brands – we help build brands. Understand and optimise your brand performance and reputation in an ever-changing world.

Our approach

There used to be fewer channels, fewer touchpoints, and fewer ways to interact with brands to understand brand performance. But building brand equity has changed. There’s no orderly process of trial or evaluation. Competitors change the customer journey constantly. Reputation is everything. Loyalty is fleeting and consumer voices carry greater weight.

Discover how to impact your KPIs through driver analysis. We build predictive simulations - ideal for marketing planning sessions and prioritising potential concepts, helping you predict commercial outcomes and provide guidance on ROI.

Track brand health and corporate reputation. Find your ideal positioning. Optimise your performance. Grow your brand.

Research benefits

Behavioural science and thinking

Our research approach and design uses the latest techniques in behavioural science to optimise consumer thinking and behaviour.

Connecting brand tracking to outcomes

We provide foresight from tracking and connect it to commercial outcomes, helping you drive action by linking research outcomes to your strategy.

Identifying the right KPIs for your brand

Go beyond one-size-fits-all brand metric tracking. Focus on building an understanding of the relevant KPIs and specific, bespoke metrics.

Identifying issues before they escalate

Scan the horizon for future issues – to mitigate them or their impact. No one likes a nasty surprise. We present the insights and implications you need to determine how to navigate a crisis.

Linking actionable insights to business strategy

Empowering data and high-impact consulting is only valuable if you take action based on the findings. We help you take our insights and their implications to create a clear strategy for success.

Research methods

Brand development & strategy

Brand health & tracking

Corporate reputation

Market understanding & opportunity

Barratt DevelopmentsInsight from concept to launch

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EricssonBrand identity

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The &PartnershipQuick turnaround research

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Digital Health & WellnessBrand tracking

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Wealth ManagerInvestment management

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"Savanta is an excellent partner. They have a very strong understanding of branding in B2B environments and their approach uncovers deep insights. What's more, they’re able to translate these into strategically and commercially sound business advice”

Matchtech Group

“We were keen to categorise and segment our pool of prospects and we have been successfully able to do that with Savanta’s findings. That helps us enormously in our marketing approach – we know, for instance, the prospects whom there is very little point in trying to appeal to, and we know where we have a chance.”

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Eco Index 2021: Will the Covid-19 recovery be green?
Following on from last year’s inaugural survey, Savanta’s latest Eco Index report reveals where people stand on key environmental issues and what action they want to see.

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The UK's Top 100 Most Loved Brands 2022
We've canvassed more than 200,000 UK adults, asking them about over 2,500 brands. We've used the results to bring together comprehensive a list of the top 100 brands they love with rankings across age, gender, and region.

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Strategy & marketing UK Post Covid-19
Our survey of marketers by Savanta and Next15 looks at how marketers have had to adapt to the pandemic and whether or not new trends and ways of working will be carried forwards. Download our report below.
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