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Councillors Panel

Whether you need to know the views of councillors in Sheffield or Southampton – or need a wider nationwide view – our ad-hoc surveys provide an understanding of the views of councillors, focusing on parties, regions or council types.

Our approach

Get ready to identify the drivers of councillors’ perceptions, so that you can devise strategies for maximum impact.

We’ve been running our parliamentary and political panels for nearly 20 years, during which time we’ve honed our industry-leading suite.

It’s all about providing real value by placing data into proper context and forming evidenced-based recommendations.



Working collaboratively, we’ll design questions that will give you the insights you need to inform your decision making and strategic development.



Each wave reaches a robust sample of councillors, representative by party, council type and region.



Data tables visualise the results to each question, showing key demographics including gender, party, council type and region.



We’ll produce a full report – complete with recommendations – visually displaying the results and highlighting key insights and differences across sub-groups.



We can present the results to your internal team(s) and facilitate a discussion on the implications of the results for your organisation.

Research benefits

Inform your decision making:

Build your reputation, communications, and public policy strategies. Our broad knowledge and deep understanding of conducting research with political audiences produces meaningful insights to inform your activities.

Track perception and impact over time:

Assess the impact of your work by using the regularity of our panel to track perceptions of councillors over time.

Explore perceptions in depth:

Qualitative in-depth interviews allow you to perform a deep-dive on the data, explore reasons for perceptions and gather councillor-led recommendations for action.

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