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International Omnibus

Our international surveys enable you to understand the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours of the public in over 100 countries worldwide. Bringing you global views to help you make local decisions.

Our approach

Expect lightning quick insights from consumers around the globe with our International Omnibus. Whether you want to track attitudes and behaviours over time or need to ask a range of questions to enable quick decision making, we can help you uncover the key insights.


Working collaboratively, we’ll help you design questions that will give you the insights you need to inform your decision making and strategic development.


Each survey reaches a sample of 1,000 or 2,000 adults, representative by gender, age, and region in each country.


See the results to each question cut by key sub-groups in our data tables. As well as gender, age and region, we can provide data for education level, occupation, working status, home ownership, marital status, ages of children, income, political affiliation and ethnicity/race.

Headline Reporting:

Our written summary of the headline insights provides you with clarity on interpretation of the findings and how to use them in your own communications.

Public Release:

If you are releasing data into the public domain, we will check your press release(s) for accuracy of figures and written interpretation, ensuring the robustness of your release.

Research benefits

Track public perceptions:

Identify trends and track awareness, perceptions and behaviours of the general public with our representative sample surveys.

Message testing and campaign evaluation:

Test your messaging with the public, support your campaign development, and assess the success of campaigns using our online omnibus.

Generate PR and media coverage:

Cost-effectively produce headline-grabbing insights. Our sample size is ideal for media pick-up.

Crisis management:

The swift nature of omnibus and tracker surveys means they can gather insights to help you manage communications and next steps in unexpected events or crisis situations.

Public Omnibus

Public Omnibus

London Omnibus

London Omnibus

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