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Undergraduate Success

HE Success Suite

Boost undergraduate attraction and conversion.

Imagine sitting down with everyone who applied to your university and interviewing them on the whole application process – and then doing the same with everyone who applied to any university in the UK.

Undergraduate Success does just that, providing the robust evidence you need to validate and shape your undergraduate recruitment strategy.

Our approach

Undergraduate Success is the definitive market research study on how undergraduates choose their universities. Based on over 140,000 interviews (all available) with new starters since 2006, Undergraduate Success provides a unique level of granularity, revealing importance and performance trends for your university (and every UK university) - individually and collectively at multiple levels.

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Boost undergraduate attraction and conversion

This tracking product provides unrivalled competitor intelligence, exclusive trend data and powerful verbatim analysis. You'll gain:

  • 54 decision-making factors examined
  • 40 different variables to 'filter' or 'compare'
  • 10 topic areas examined
  • 4 open questions for detailed verbatim analysis

Undergraduate Success benefits

Subscribers receive one year of unlimited access to Open Day Success and membership of our HE Insight Club. As with all our HE Success Suite trackers, we host all quantitative and qualitative data in fully-interrogable dashboards, with charts available to export and share at the click of a button.

Unique granularity

Benchmark your performance against your peers and competitors 

The dashboard offers full institution-level benchmarking, including measures of statistical significance and powerful filtering. Explore hundreds of thousands of responses from new first-year undergraduates and explore a range of groups or subgroups of prospective students, such as: your students v. competitor universities, traditional v. aspirational audiences, acceptors v. decliners, target WP audience and regional variations.

Focus your marketing strategy on what really drives choice

Explore ten core topic areas 

In a free market, understanding choice is the key to a successful marketing strategy. At the core of Undergraduate Success sit ten importance factors which have been identified as key choice drivers, including: reputation, recommendations, dealings with you, costs, social life, employability, location campus facilities, course and open days.

Unique trend data

View your university's ranking against competitors, mission groups and across the wider sector 

Discover where you rank and learn how your performance has changed over time. Gain 13 years of trended data and access an unparalleled sample size.


Learn how and why you lost out to your competitors

Know the reasons behind the 'nos' 

Although Undergraduate Success is not a decliners study (it's more of a competitors study), it includes detailed decliner trend data that will give you the reasons why you were not selected.

Learn why applicants declined your offer and discover where you're underperforming, and with which applicants. Focus your efforts on areas of highest return.

Drill down into the needs of your target and aspirational audiences

Filter and compare based on over 40 analysis variables 

Filter the sample to suit your objectives, with subgroups and analysis variables that cover:

  • Demographic
  • Institutional
  • Academic
  • Attitudinal
  • Trends
  • User segmentation

Drill down into the needs of your target and aspirational audiences

What motivates applicants - in their own words 

Unearth thousands of verbatim comments and explore unprompted responses about your institution and the wider sector.

  • What are the key reasons why applicants do
  • What are the key reasons why applicants don't convert?
  • What would they recommend?
  • What wouldn't they recommend?

Discover the emotional drivers

What motivates applicants - in their own words 

Unearth thousands of verbatim comments and explore unprompted responses about your institution and the wider sector.

  • What are the key reasons why applicants do
  • What are the key reasons why applicants don't convert?
  • What would they recommend?
  • What wouldn't they recommend?

Open Day Success

Boost your event success by learning what drives conversion. Want to learn from best practice in the sector? Find out how your competitors’ performance compares against yours? Validate your decisions with a robust, relevant sample group? We can help you understand what matters most to prospective university students, so you can direct investment where it matters most.


Postgraduate Success

Enhance your postgraduate taught (PGT) attraction and conversion rates. We can help you gain unrivalled insight into the factors that impact decision-making and set PGT fees based on robust evidence. Validate your decisions. Unearth new opportunities. Decode audiences. And truly understand the complex postgraduate market.


Marcomms Success

Do you know what truly impacts university choice? Our trackers will help you discover when and where to invest for maximum impact. These insights mean you can create impactful marcomm strategies tailored to key stages, fully understand the applicant perspective on your marketing and gain inspiration from tomorrow’s brightest stars. Uncovering these facts will greatly enhance your marketing communications.


Technical Specification

Undergraduate Success: boost undergraduate attraction and conversion

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  • The HE Insight Club

Each HE Success Suite subscription include membership to the HE Insight Club, which includes:

Galvanise your team by embedding key insights about your university. Our senior researchers will apply their specialist HE knowledge to address your challenges and help you realise your ambitions.

Keep up to date with regular reports throughout the year, focused on topical challenges, opportunities and threats in the HE space. Each report is exclusive to HE Success Suite subscribers and draws on the latest data from across our four tracking products.

At our events you can meet and work on ideas directly with your target student audience. You’ll also get a chance to hear the latest insights from our experienced HE researchers and network with your peers.

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HE Success Suite: powerful data at your fingertips

Unrivalled competitor intelligence and years of back-data, accessed through four easy-to-use online dashboards.

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Undergraduate Success has proved invaluable for us as a source of market intelligence. The support provided by the team has been exceptional - a great level of customer service.

Analysis and Evaluation Manager The University of Plymouth

There used to be a lot of guessing without a lot of hard evidence. The YouthSight tools helped us confirm what we suspected and understand the implications.

Market Intelligence Manager Queen Mary University of London

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HE Success Suite: See the data in action

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