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Youth-centred Omnibuses

four regular omnibuses

Accessing hard-to-reach youth audiences in a quick and cost-effective way is not always easy. Burning questions? You can swiftly ask our nationally representative youth research panel. We can accommodate any type of question – including audio and visual stimuli – and deliver answers within a week of question deadlines!

Our approach

Our youth-centred omnibus surveys by YouthSight are ideal if you need super-fast answers on a budget.

From quick polls, campaign evaluation and tracking, to strategic planning, product development, communications, and concept testing, we run four separate youth omnibus surveys with different audiences every week through our YouthSight panel.

We’ll return your youth market research results with a clear methodology. No fuss. Just a sure-fire way to stand out and grab Gen Z and student attention.

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completes with applicants and young professionals
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completes with young people and students
surveys per month

Youth-centred omnibus benefits


Access Gen Z market research and a robust youth sample at an affordable price – a truly cost-effective way of speaking to this notoriously hard to reach audience.

Fast turnaround

Our youth-centred omnibuses offer a hassle-free solution to find the answers you need. Simply send your questions to us and we’ll illuminate you in less than a week from question deadlines. Remain relevant. Grab media attention. Stand out!

Personal service

We optimise this seamless service by providing you with a dedicated omnibus manager. The result? A personal and professional service with expert advice at every step.

Youth omnibus

For full national coverage, with 1,000 young people aged 16 to 24, our youth omnibus is representatively split by gender, age and education status.

Future student omnibus

Access the views of 500 young people who have made an application to study at a university in the UK. The higher education marketing research sample is representatively split by gender, age and school type.

Student omnibus

Dig deeper amongst 1,000 full-time undergraduate students who are enrolled at publicly funded UK universities or higher education institutes. With full national coverage, our higher education market research sample is representatively split by gender, course and university type.

Young professionals omnibus

For views from those on the first step of their career ladder, we regularly survey 500 graduates nationally within five years of leaving UK universities or higher education institutes. Our Gen Z research sample is representatively split by gender and years from graduation.

  • A smart, simple and cost-effective solution, perfect for:

Generate headline news and attract ongoing media interest.

Elevate your pitch and gain credibility that will win over clients.

Monitor success and ensure your campaigns are tailored to Gen Z.

Understand trends and make marketing decisions based on robust evidence.

Maximise your comms and new product development success.

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Download the brochure for more about our omnibus surveys and pricing.

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Our products

State of the Youth Nation

State of the Youth Nation is the UK's leading Gen Z insight tracker. A subscription empowers brands make better youth market decisions.


Want to manage your brand’s health and reputation effectively? You need tracking and monitoring to know how it's perceived.


MillionaireVue helps luxury brands and wealth managers overcome the common issues they face when researching their target customers.

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