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The UK’s Most Loved Retail Brands 2024

2024's most loved brand is not only front-of-mind, but at your front door with next-day-delivery. It's success comes as no surprise, attributed to its exceptional 'prime' service, hassle-free customer experience, and agile adaptation to emerging trends. But, who are the rising competition, and what can they do to close the gap?

Welcome to BrandVue’s Most Loved Retail Brands 2024 – a recognition and celebration of the most emotively connected retail brands over the last year, brought to you by Savanta.

Each year, we ask 96,000 consumers in the UK for their opinion on more than 200 retail brands. This is done through BrandVue Retail: Savanta’s market intelligence platform, the largest, most comprehensive brand, audience and customer tracker in the market.

Within this report, we reveal the UK’s most loved retail brands – with performance rankings across all major categories – grocery, home, DIY, tech, health & beauty, books & cards, children & recreation, and pets.

Over the following pages, we will provide an insight into how the leading brands made it to the top of the league table, delving into the common threads that pull these brands together

The report offers expert analysis on what brands can learn from our results, and where the industry is heading. So, who’s up, who’s down – and why?

Download the report to find out which brands have earned places in the UK’s hearts… and shopping carts.

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