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Cultivating brand loyalty in future generations

Why telecom providers need to focus on inspiring brand loyalty in future generations now.

In today's rapidly changing world, building lasting relationships with consumers is crucial for a brand's success. Telecom providers face the challenge of attracting new customers before they establish loyalty. Savanta's new whitepaper explores the fundamental issues in marketing to the next generation, offering practical ways for telecom businesses to win over future customers.

Matthew Mann Director 27/09/2023

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, the key to a brand’s success lies in its ability to build lasting relationships with consumers. One sector where this loyalty is particularly entrenched is telecoms.

A recently conducted Savanta poll found that 20% of UK mobile users have never changed provider and a further 35% only change once every 3 years or less.  With UK mobile users reluctant to switch, a key challenge for telecom providers is attracting customers who are new to the market – before they establish network loyalty – which means appealing to upcoming generations.

But how can telecom providers position their brand to appeal to the next generation? One thing for certain is the old playbook won’t work.

Each generation demands something different. Millennials wanted brands to be authentic and genuine while Gen Z are holding brands to account. How Generation Alpha, who were born from 2010 onwards, will change the game is yet to be fully seen. But one thing we do know at Savanta is that you can’t connect with future generations from the boardroom; it takes data and insights.

Drawing on Savanta’s Youth Practice and telecoms expertise in a new whitepaper we explore what are the fundamental issues to bear in mind when marketing products and services for the next generation, practical ways telecom businesses can leverage these insights to win over future customers and the best channels and formats providers can use to reach future generations.

Understanding future generations now will be key to enable telecom brands to position themselves to win long-lasting loyalty. To find out more access the full whitepaper below or to find out more about Savanta’s Youth Practice and / or our telecom practice area please contact [email protected].

Download the whitepaper

Authors: Josephine Hansom (VP of Youth Practice at Savanta) & Matthew Mann (Director at Savanta)

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