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Building Buzz: is your brand part of the conversation this Christmas?

Make your brand shine this festive season! Find out how top-of-mind your brand is and what to do about it. Our BrandVue tool analyses data from over 1-million UK consumers, giving you easy access to quick, affordable insights.

Oliver Fenton Associate Director 23/11/2023

The trading period around Christmas is key for brands – both in terms of sales generated and how a strong Christmas performance can set the tone for the rest of the year. Clients often ask us what the key measure is to determine whether the conversation around their brand is converting to a greater market share. And our answer is quite simple – it’s Buzz.

It matters because:

  • Buzz indicates anything positive or negative heard by a consumer about your brand in the last month.  Enhancements in this buzz can elevate your brand’s presence, making it more prominent and likely to be considered by consumers.
  • Buzz, when combined with Advertising Awareness, not only indicates that a marketing campaign has been noticed, but to what extent it has generated a conversation around the brand beyond the paid media.
  • However, Buzz is not limited to one function: it can indicate customer advocacy, social media activity, and new product launches, all of which can be detected by our BrandVue buzz monitor. At the same time, it can indicate if a controversy, previously associated with X (formerly known as Twitter), is causing a stir throughout the entire market or if it’s just limited to a small, vocal group.
  • Each time we correlate BrandVue KPIs with sales figures, Buzz consistently emerges as the most associated factor that tends to anticipate sales increases.

Given the importance of the KPI – and the time of year – we have developed a cost-effective reporting pack, bespoke to your brand, competitors, category and target audience. This pack will reveal who is creating the most buzz and conversation in the market.

Boost your much-anticipated Christmas sales and pave the way for a prosperous year ahead.

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