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Youth Practice Question Time

drinking and socialising report

Did you miss our recent Youth Practice Question Time event? Don't worry, we have you covered. Here, you can download the full report, which includes a summary of topics discussed and the themes emerging from the Gen Z panel discussions.

Josephine Hansom VP Youth 12/04/2023

Our Youth Practice Question Time series is a new initiative brought to you by our Youth Practice, and designed to give brands the opportunity to listen in to the conversations of their young audiences. We uncover the trends, habits and attitudes that are shaping purchase-decisions of Gen Z.

About the event

At our first event, we focused in on the subject of drinking and socialising, steering discussions around:

  • How do young people socialise and who do they socialise with?
  • What do they drink?
  • How does behaviour and drink preference differ as they journey throughout the night?

These discussions identified several key opportunities for brands operating within the drinks sector. Download our report below to read more about these opportunities and learn how you can capitalise on them by catering to the needs of your young audiences.

Download the report 

More from the series

Our series will cover:

  • March 2023: drinking & socialising (report available to download)
  • April 2023: fashion & beauty (register for free here)
  • May 2023: eating and casual dining (registration opening soon)

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