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RIA Rail Supply Chain Survey 2019

Survey of rail business leaders on behalf of the RIA

  • Two in five (42%) respondents say the rail supply industry is likely to grow in the coming year, compared to nearly three in ten (28%) who say it is likely to contract or a quarter (25%) who say it is likely to neither grow, nor contract.
  • Railway business leaders in the UK supply chain are more likely to be optimistic about the growth prospects of their business than the industry as a whole, with three in five (59%) saying their business is likely to grow in the coming year.
  • However, approximately one in five (18%) say their business is likely to contract or neither grow, nor contract (21%) in the coming year.
  • More than half (56%) of respondents believe that the UK Government takes too little consideration for whether rail suppliers have a presence and support jobs in the UK.
  • Railway business leaders are most likely to say the whole life costing should be given the most weighting in rail contract awards, with two in five (41%) respondents saying it should be given the highest weighting and more than four in five (84%) respondents ranking it among their top 3 factors.

Date Published: 07/11/2019

Categories: Infrastructure | Policy Makers | Professionals | Transport | UK

Client: Railway Industry Association (RIA)


Savanta ComRes interviewed 174 railway business leaders in the UK rail supply chain between 10th July and 12th August 2019.

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