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ITV News Index – European Election Poll

Political poll, including voting intention for the European Parlimentary elections, for ITV News.

Date Published: 18 May 2014

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With just days to go, UKIP is currently leading the race for votes in the European Elections.  In the final ComRes poll on the issue ahead of election day, 33% of Britons certain to vote say that they would vote UKIP, ahead of Labour on 27%, the Conservatives on 20% and the Liberal Democrats on 7%. However, UKIP’s lead appears to be narrowing – their lead over Labour is now only 6 points, compared to the 11 points in the last ComRes poll for ITV News at the end April, while the Party’s vote share falls to 33%, down from 38%.

Despite UKIP’s poll lead, Nigel Farage is the leader most likely to be considered “weird” by the British public. 31% of Britons think he is the leader that best fits the description, compared to 23% who say the same of Ed Miliband, 9% who say Nick Clegg and 7% who say David Cameron. David Cameron is the leader thought most competent (28%), intelligent (29%) and able to get things done (28%). The Prime Minister shares top spot with Ed Miliband when it comes to who the public think is most trustworthy (both 17%) and likeable (Miliband: 18%, Cameron: 17%).


Findings in detail

European Elections

With just a few days to go ahead of the elections to the European Parliament, UKIP appears on course to top the poll.

In the final ComRes poll ahead of the vote, it shows that 33% of Britons who say that they are certain to vote in Thursday’s election say that they would vote for UKIP, ahead of the 27% who say they would vote for Labour and 20% who would vote Conservative.

However, UKIP’s lead appears to be narrowing ahead of the vote – it is down from 11 points in the last ComRes poll for ITV News at the end of April, to only six points now. The Party’s vote share has fallen five points from 38% to 33%.

Labour’s vote share remains steady, the Conservatives have increased two points, while the Liberal Democrats fall one point to 7%. 


Conservative                 20% (+2)

Labour                          27% (NC)

Liberal Democrat           7% (-1)

UKIP                             33% (-5)

Greens                          6% (+2)

Others                          7% (+2)


Nigel Farage is the political leader most likely to be considered “weird” by the British public. When asked which of the party leaders is best described as weird, 31% say the UKIP leader, compared to 23% who chose Ed Miliband and 7% of David Cameron.

43% of Britons say that David Cameron is the most out of touch with ordinary people, but the Prime Minister is also most likely to be considered competent (28%) and a global statesman (30%).

Despite Ed Miliband’s suggestion that he has “more intellectual self-confidence” than David Cameron, he is actually considered to be intelligent by fewer people than the Conservative leader. 18% of Britons think Miliband is the most intelligent political leader, compared to 28% who say Cameron.

Both Miliband and Cameron are considered both the most trustworthy (both 17%) and likeable (Miliband: 18%, Cameron 17%). Only one in ten (10%) chose Farage as the most trustworthy by equal amounts.


Methodology Note:

ComRes interviewed 2,061 British adults online between 16th and 18th May 2014. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults aged 18+. Data were also weighted by past vote recall. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.






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