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The Rise of…the Influencer

Trend-setters or trend-makers. How does the influencer continue to revolutionise the market landscape? Influencers have emerged as invaluable collaborators for brands aiming to foster genuine relationships with their target markets, demonstrating an innate ability to establish authentic connections with their followers. 

These compelling individuals have seamlessly transcended conventional advertising platforms, leveraging their social media acumen and innate sense of self to really transform the marketing and advertising landscape with remarkable force.

But in order to unlock the code of real market success, brands are turning to meticulous analysis and data-driven insights to further their understanding of just how extraordinary the power of the influencer can be, how to utilise these digital mavens for their brand, and build a following that is committed and loyal.

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Hold on tight as we dive into the electrifying world where influencers reign supreme, and discover how brands are reshaping the marketing and advertising landscape with groundbreaking initiatives.

Join the conversation with our speakers and host:

Nikki Lavoie, EVP of Innovation & Strategy, Savanta

Codrina Cazacu, Newsroom and Sports Marketing Manager, Adidas Romania

George Ince, Director of Influencer Marketing, BBD Perfect Storm

Rupesh Patel, Head of Consumer and Market Insights, Samsung UK


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