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Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director

The latest Savanta ComRes tracker, including regular political polls and voting intention

The last ten years have proven an unprecedently turbulent time in UK politics. We’ve had four General Elections, of which two resulted in hung parliaments, as well as two nationwide referendums, and countless more regional elections as devolution and the decentralisation of power away from Westminster and into the hands of voters has continued to yield unexpected results.

Understanding public opinion, and not just around election time, is proving increasingly important for policy makers, influencers, media commentators and business leaders alike, and as we enter a period in UK politics we’ve not seen in recent memory, that of a government with a healthy majority, public attitudes are no less significant.

At Savanta ComRes our in-house political research specialists are well equipped to help our clients understand public opinion within a constantly evolving political context, and our Savanta ComRes Political Tracker provides strategic insight into the dynamic political landscape in the UK.

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The latest Westminster Voting Intention

The latest Westminster Voting Intention sees the Conservatives with a 2pt lead over Labour. Labour has 38% of the vote share, while the Conservatives have 36%.

The Liberal Democrats, SNP, and Green Party have 10%, 4%, and 5% respectively.

Favourability ratings

Leaders and their policies

Leaders and their parties

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