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Political market research

In a volatile and difficult-to-predict climate, political market research needs to cut through the Westminster noise to provide insight, analysis and strategy. What’s truly driving the political opinions that influence societal change today?

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The UK has a fascinating and challenging political landscape that demands knowledge and understanding to make better policy, communication and reputation decisions. Political parties. Campaign organizations. Trade Unions. Think Tanks. Political media. We help them all understand public opinions and make better decisions.

If you can better understand what drives people’s political opinions, attitudes and perceptions, you can truly gain an edge and advance your campaigns or cause. Working as specialist political research consultants, our expertize allows us to design, facilitate and analyze research projects for politically minded clients across a variety of methodologies and audiences. If you’re an agency or brand that needs clear recommendations about how to achieve your political aims and objectives, we’ll help you navigate this dynamic landscape.

Our proprietary political research means we can experiment with new political methodologies and advanced techniques to help you keep your finger on the pulse in a fast-moving and ever-changing political world.

How we help

Campaign and policy development

Test policy and campaign hypotheses to develop ideas by understanding which audiences are more receptive.

Fast surveys

Quick-turnaround surveys give you a speedier solution to opinion polling to help you react instantly to new political developments.

Opinion polling

Take a snapshot of public opinion at any given time to understand base-level attitudes and experiences of the public at large or segments of it.

Political brand strategy

Gain a better understanding of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses across policy makers, influencers, the media and the general public.

Voting intention

Understand how – and why – the public may vote at the next election. This has far-reaching implications for brands and agencies.

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