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Employee research

Find out what your employees really want, and how to engage and retain them, with employee experience market research to inform and enhance your employee engagement strategy.

Our approach

They say employees are your greatest assets, but that still undervalues their significance. They are the lifeblood of your organization. They hold more power than ever before. Increasingly, they’re making bold, brave decisions to put their work/life priorities first.

Employee market research keeps you informed of the changing trends in your workforce. Our employee engagement data analysis and recommendations help you explore staff sentiment. Informing an effective employee experience strategy.

We've helped FTSE 100 companies develop their employee engagement strategy using a consultative approach that delivers clear insights and a roadmap of actions. With our insights, you can set a strategy to future-proof your organization too.

Research benefits

Identifying and resolving employee issues

It's vital to understand employee frustrations and challenges. Employee engagement research scans the horizon for any issues before they have an impact.

Understanding how to move from insight to action

With an approach grounded in data and its implications, you'll receive actionable insights to inspire change. We'll help you understand what the research means and which actions you should prioritize.

Exploring and validating employees’ perceptions

More than ever, it matters what your employees think about your organization and how they act towards it. Understanding the views, needs, and behaviors of employees will improve performance and employee engagement.


Defining the scope

We work with you and key stakeholders to align on who will participate. We’ll handle your employee contact list with full GDPR compliance, security, and sensitivity.


Building a bespoke program

Get answers to your key questions on all aspects of the employee experience. We design bespoke questionnaires, based on a combination of industry best practice and custom questions that are specific to your organization.


Measuring employee experience

Gain insights on the positive and the pain points that your employees experience. Find out how these vary by business area, seniority, and other important segments.


Prioritizing action plans

Identify key drivers of employee experience to develop priority action plans.


Informing your employee experience strategy

Receive easy-to-use reporting outputs, such as online dashboards and bespoke reports. We’ll work with you to transfer insights across your organization.

Research methods

Understanding stakeholders & employees

Understanding stakeholders & employees

Thought leadership

Thought leadership

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