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Wealth & luxury market research

Luxury consumers have high expectations – they demand quality, enduring value and remarkable experiences. Luxury brands need to adapt to this discerning audience and understand their changing demands around sustainability and social issues.

Operating in this market requires a tight focus on meeting unique expectations, needs and aspirations. Luxury market research must be vigorous enough to inform and inspire business strategies.

Our approach

From a beautifully designed website or an enticing in-store scent to delivering a bespoke service or an exquisitely wrapped parcel. Luxury brands need to be crystal clear about their customer journey. Gaining knowledge enables you to make insightful decisions about your brands, your services, and your propositions.

Whether you’re looking to define and access true luxury customers across the globe? Need to credibly engage with your clients and prospects to have meaningful conversations about your brand's pain points and opportunities? Or are seeking to understand the wider luxury market and competitive context? We advise clients across a wealth of sectors from art and collectables, automotive, fashion and beauty, to jewelery, property, technology, travel, wines and spirits.

We’re all about combining research know-how with detailed sector knowledge to deliver actionable results. Whether you’re in retail, business and private banking, credit cards and payments, insurance, pensions, savings, investments, and mortgages, the insights from our financial industry market research will help you better serve your customers.

How we help

Audience understanding and segmentation

Discover who your luxury customers are, what makes them tick and what their attitudes to luxury are. Find out how best to reach them and how to talk to them. And identify how this differs across different markets, lifestyles, ages, and types of luxury goods and services.

Brand performance

Measure the success of your marketing by establishing and tracking the brand funnel of awareness, sentiment, reputation, associations, and consideration within competitive context.

Brand strategy

The luxury consumer isn’t just going to fall into your lap. Gain insights with our luxury research around brand purpose, positioning, and imaging, particularly at the intersections of luxury, quality, heritage, and sustainability with our brand strategy solutions.

Omnichannel journey understanding

From inspiration and research, through to the final transaction across online and in-store channels. Our talented team can measure luxury experience rituals across multiple touchpoints.

Campaign and proposition evaluation

Test and refine your marketing campaign in terms of saliency, stand-out, message take-out, impact on brand perceptions and KPIs with luxury consumers and our high-net-worth individuals market research.

Case studies

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A wealth of insights

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"You guys (the whole team) are brilliant – very responsive, very helpful and so delivery-focused. It’s a real pleasure working with you."


"I was amazed by their vast international knowledge & expertise, in-depth shopping knowledge, excellent presentation skills and helpful team. Their insights have been eye openers for Coty."

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