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Brand development & strategy research

Brand development research is a great way to ensure your brand adapts, grows, and connects more meaningfully with customers through the creation of an insight-led strategy.

Our approach

Your brand is your most powerful asset. It can generate instant recognition. Convey your personality. Tell your customers who you are – and why they should care. It’s what sets you apart from the competition. And it sets the tone for your brand experience and touchpoints.

The strongest brands generate an authentic, genuine connection with their customers. This connection empowers brands to make bold decisions and develop strategies, fit for the future. We’re experts at delivering insight-led brand development services – helping brands like yours adapt and grow.

Our brand strategy research will show you how to align internally on culture and purpose, communicate authentically to drive consumer connections and future-proof your brand. We also provide ongoing brand management, through our comprehensive and proprietary data platform.

We don’t just track brands – our brand research is designed to help build them.


Brand positioning research

Find a distinct and credible position, with brand development research that will uncover your ideal brand attributes, personality, and behaviors, identify conscious and subconscious attitudes to your brand and provide a detailed journey plan to inform your journey to aspirational brand positioning.


Portfolio management and architecture

Get actionable insights and recommendations to understand customer and prospect perceptions of your portfolio’s brands, plus how to optimize these for maximum market coverage and appeal. We’ll also optimize brand portfolio architecture, so customers and prospects know where to go to satisfy their needs.


Brand planning

With insight-led brand strategy research, we inform long-term brand planning and inspire internal cultural changes that make a difference to future-proof your brand.

Research benefits

Ensuring brand authenticity

Identify the sweet spot between satisfying customers, reaching prospects, and maintaining brand authenticity.

Future-proofing your brand

Find the perfect positioning strategy as your sector becomes noisier, more complicated, and more challenging to win in.

Aligning internally on company purpose and culture

Inspire action from the boardroom to the sales floor with an insight-led, data-driven brand strategy plan.

Informing brand storytelling

Define brand storytelling that will drive consumer connections. What are your values and what do you stand for? Identify how to keep your brand portfolio consistent to minimize overlap and maximize coverage.

Research methods

Brand performance

Brand performance

Brand health & tracking

Brand health & tracking

Corporate reputation

Corporate reputation

Market understanding & opportunity

Market understanding & opportunity

Case Studies

Global proposition development

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A wealth of insights

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