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Technology & telecoms market research

Tech and telecoms shape our modern world. From consumer trends to political campaigns, workplace reinvention to cultural revolution, tech and telecoms wields immense power.

Our approach

The line between a successful tech proposition and a flop is very thin. With the promise of unicorn valuations, the number of tech and telecoms offers on the market have exploded. It’s vital to understand the evolving ways in which users engage with tech telecoms and how organizations can benefit. The landscape is cut-throat, with high numbers of start-ups competing with larger heavyweights.

With immense choice available, small differences in brand perception have big implications. A minor tweak to user experience can turn thousands of haters into lovers (or vice versa). This is not a market for the weak-hearted. But the opportunities are vast.

To succeed, customer and users must be at the heart of a successful strategy. From understanding user needs (jobs to be done), to crafting a differentiated brand position, to exploring and enhancing the user experience. Our tech market research and telecom research teams can help you make progress through this perilous landscape.

How we help

Develop compelling products and services

Want to ensure your next product or service flies? No problem. We can help you by identifying unmet needs, co-creating new solutions, and testing and refining existing late-stage concepts.

Enhance your branding

Where is your brand is now and where you want to take it? We help you align internal and external perceptions. Attractive, achievable and ownable. It’s where you want your brand to be. Track progress, optimise initiatives, build business cases, and course correct.

Optimise the user experience

Get to the heart of what users are trying to achieve. Map-out their jobs to be done, observe how they navigate current solutions and co-create better ones. Your customers deserve the best.

Optimise marketing communications

Are you relevant to your audiences? Do your messages resonate? We can develop, test and optimise marketing communications to capture attention within your target market. Craft compelling thought leadership material that prompts deep thinking by following Savanta’s 7 Rs.

Featured reports
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In an increasingly crowded marketplace, a successful thought leadership programme is a powerful tool to increase the profile of your brand.

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Tracking your ad campaign to maximise sales and ROI
With consumers spoilt for choice in-store and bombarded with messaging across marketing channels, we show you how to monitor how your latest ad campaign is driving your brand?

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"Savanta’s work has been invaluable in boosting our campaign’s impact and evaluating the ROI. The difference between them and other research agencies is that they actually understand marketing so are able to make intelligent, actionable recommendations”


"Our brand tracking study is an invaluable management tool. Not only does it provide critical performance metrics, but it also offered clear and practical guidance on how to strengthen our brand, all communicated in a highly engaging way.”

Microsoft Head of Planning & Insights

"There is direct evidence that the campaign created several million pounds in incremental revenue – and internally the feedback from our Senior Leadership Team and sales organisation has been overwhelmingly positive.”


"Bullitt has repeatedly called on Savanta to help gauge market reception for new product concepts, and crucially to establish the impact of pricing adjustments on prospective customers’ interest in a product proposition. This work has yielded valuable results that have allowed us to better plan our product portfolio, and ensure that we are addressing price points that are not prohibitive to key target customer groups."

Bullitt Group

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