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B2B brand tracking

B2B brand tracking

Our client is a global technology enterprise that operates one of the largest independent demand-side platforms for digital media buyers in the world.

Despite rapid company growth, our client struggles with a nuanced and complex customer base, as well as competition in a cut-throat category.

The Challenge

Our client is rapidly growing but is still challenged by a nuanced customer base of media buyers as well as a competitive landscape within its category. During this growth phase, Savanta were approached to develop a B2B brand tracking solution to obtain data on target audience brand awareness, partnership intent, and competitive insight.

Ultimately, by gaining these key metrics, they were able to track the impact of marketing and sales initiatives, understand areas for further growth while recognizing overall strengths, and gain awareness of competitors operating in the digital advertising software category.

Our approach

Our approach to the client’s challenges was to create a comprehensive brand health program administered to our client’s target audience. Through this brand health program, Savanta aimed to track key metrics regarding consumer brand awareness, brand perception and brand associations, and category engagements, behaviours, and attitudes, to ultimately determine brand performance.

Such quantitative insights were captured through a global survey of 500 marketing professionals in managerial positions or above from each country who represent a mix of brands and agencies in a variety of industries.

The outcome

Our client is utilizing the key metrics to inform their media spending, marketing campaigns, and sales initiatives. In addition, they are using the key metrics to understand areas of strength and areas for improvement in order to optimize their strategic decisions. Through this new informed strategy, our client has continued to successfully operate in a competitive category with a complex consumer base of digital ad buyers.

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