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High-Net-Worth (HNWIs)

Access the wealthy

Researching wealthy people. High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) account for fewer than 0.3% of the world’s population. Yes, it’s not the biggest stat, but considering their spend and potential, this audience is vital to understand for luxury, high-end brands.

Tap into our deep experience of luxury audience research to access precious insights into this small but diverse group.

Our approach

How do high net worth individuals (HNWIs), high income earners (HIE), and affluent people act, feel, think, and prioritize? With target audience market research projects ranging from financial services, to travel, jewelry, fashion, and beauty, we’ll help you understand the broader context of these consumers’ lives.

In many instances, these are the early adopters. The ones who experiment with the latest products and services first. The ones adopting new behaviors a few years ahead of time. The ones you need in your client base!

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We get through those difficult to open doors to wealthy people globally through a variety of tried and tested recruitment methods.



The only way to do this is in a meaningful, flexible way – based on deep understanding of their lifestyles



We use a sophisticated verification process throughout the research cycle to authenticate our research subjects.



Our team’s knowledge of the brands and services used by the wealthy informs our research design and the consolidation of findings.

Research benefits

We’ll help you understand the broader context of these consumers’ lives.

Customer strategies

Bring customer profiles to life using a clever combination of qualitative exploration and robust market analysis. We’ll design and embed bespoke audience segmentation to align decision making around the needs of core audiences.

Marketing effectiveness

Need to benchmark brand perceptions in a competitive context? Our brand tracking means that – over time – you’ll be able to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Crucially, you’ll know if shifting brand perceptions align to your long-term goals.

Customer experience

If you’re looking to refine the high-end brand experience, we can help with targeted, precision feedback. It’s all about constantly evolving. Making those little changes that directly impact satisfaction and sales. By understanding the motivations and missions of luxury consumers, you can refine the customer experience and build loyalty.

Client engagement

Engage with your wealthy clients and collect feedback to ensure that your service meets their needs. Monitor satisfaction and NPS over time and make tangible changes to your offer and communications to positively impact satisfaction and retention.

Research methods









Audience expertise


Engage with decision makers. Key to the success of business to business (B2B) engagement is high quality target audience research.


High quality data is at the heart of great decision making. We ensure you’re researching the consumer market in a way that’s on-brand and engaging.


Considering their spend and potential, the High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) audience is vital to understand for luxury, high-end brands. Access precious insights into this small but diverse group.

Higher education

From applicants to students and graduates and an unsurpassed youth and student research panel, we provide target audience research for further and higher education specialist audiences.


It’s easy to homogenize the youth of today. Diverse, culturally aware and tech savvy, we help you expose the diverse interests and opinions of the younger generation.

"You guys (the whole team) are brilliant – very responsive, very helpful and so delivery-focused. It’s a real pleasure working with you."


“Everyone from the team, from top to bottom, were truly impressive in their research expertise, commitment to the project, focus on actionable insights, and their ability to really act as business partners – not just conducting a study for you, but really helping you deliver on the project that the study is supposed to inform.”

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