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Understanding stakeholders & employees

Understand what your employees think and what key stakeholders expect from you. Future-proof your business with stakeholder engagement market research and find out how to respond.

Our approach

The pace of change is faster than ever. It’s disrupting and challenging the way markets, businesses, and people operate. It’s critical for your business to understand its reputation, employee experiences, and stakeholder perceptions. These insights should inform your strategy.

We have a wealth of experience designing stakeholder engagement analysis and employee research programs to meet your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding employee attitudes, stakeholder views, and business reputation. Therefore, every research project we run is bespoke. Our research has helped FTSE 100 companies develop their employee engagement strategy.

We create reputational baselines for measuring stakeholder engagement over time. We uncover the attitudes of investors and the wider stakeholder world, using insights and data to determine how to navigate or respond to a crisis.

Research benefits

Generating stakeholder buy-in

When you integrate stakeholder views into your organizational strategy, it creates an opportunity to build more buy-in about your direction of travel – the research process itself is an engagement exercise.

Understanding stakeholders

Improve engagement and organizational performance by understanding stakeholders' perceptions. Explore the views, needs, and behaviors of this influential audience.

Informing decision-making

Know what’s important to your key stakeholders. Learn how they may respond to organizational shifts or actions. Then, proceed with confidence in your strategy.

Identifying issues

Our research helps you scan the horizon for future issues before they escalate. Be alert to threats and mitigate them or their impact.


Understanding your world

We immerse ourselves to explore your business’ existing knowledge, key hypotheses, and target audience profiles. We work with you to map out the stakeholder universe.


Designing a program that’s fit for purpose

Rest assured that our objective-led research design will answer your key questions, while using the most appropriate approach for the audience. Our stakeholder engagement market research uses the utmost professionalism.


Delivering impactful results

Put the findings into action. Research program are only valuable when the findings can inform change. Our reports clearly articulate the insights and implications.


Future-proofing your organization

Track stakeholder engagement and reputation progress over time. Monitoring is a continuous process – any research we design delivers against current objectives, but is also reusable in future years.

Research methods

Employee research

Employee research

Thought leadership

Thought leadership

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